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Humble Beginnings

The origins of Ruben Zardoz Entertainment starts off with a group of three Gaming Students and their teacher being under harsh conditions of a course provider. This harsh environment brought this group together, and eventually talks began in setting up their very own game development studio to create their own projects.


With a very small group, which added more people in the coming months, Ruben Zardoz Game Studios was born, with their first project being 'Angry Celt Warrior'. Later on, they would rename themselves Ruben Zardoz Entertainment to reflect their focus on other forms of media besides game projects. 

Our Mission

Originally, our mission was to create games for consumers that will be enjoyable and fun for all that engage with our games. That mission has not changed!
Under the Ruben Zardoz Entertainment banner, our mission is to create all kinds of media that all consumers will enjoy. The possibilities of the team are limitless in terms of creating various projects.

Corporate Hierarchy

Corporate Management

  • Stephen O'Connor - Co-Owner/Chairman/Producer/Lead Game Designer

  • Damon Healy - Co-Owner/CEO/Producer

  • Vannasouk Phadilok - President/Producer/Lead Programmer

Executive Roles

  • Joshua 'Sai' Pheeny - CFO

  • Elizabeth Jones - Lead Consultant

  • Domonic Graham - Lead Programmer

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