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Each Unique and Exciting

Here are the products made and developed by the team at Ruben Zardoz Entertainment. We love the products we make, and we strive to achieve the best that we can aim for. Each product makes us grow as a company, which enables us to produce better quality in our products.

Below are our products' information. There will be more products to come in the future.

Angry Celt Warrior Banner_edited.jpg

RZ Entertainment's Maiden Project

Angry Celt Warrior is a 2D arcade-style action game for mobile devices and PC and Laptops.

In this game, you will be able to bear witness to the universe that- OH MY GOSH! What the heck is going on? Gods fighting amongst themselves? Family rivalries? A Celt Warrior that sees red? All while the evil diabolical Dr. Janet Anita aims for world domination!

With arcade-style gameplay and a enthralling, humor filled story, ‘Angry Celt Warrior’ comes at you with an experience you won't forget.

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Pixelated Platforming with a Twist!

Serving as Producers for Burning Light Studios

Mantle’ is a 2D platformer where you use a teleporter to traverse through different environments as you go deeper into the ground.

Developed by Burning Light Studios, and produced by Ruben Zardoz Entertainment and Game Sage.


Relive the Original ACW in 3D!

Let Us See Red! In 3D!

A full remake of the Original Angry Celt Warrior game! The Wrath of Zodraz tells the beginning of the ACW Story all over again, but this time with full 3D graphics, a revised gameplay method and the cinematic story experience!

Join Damon MacLeod and Widowmaker as they battle Janet Anita to save the New World!

Expected Q4 2023

ACW2 Logo.png

The ACW Story Continues!

It's Time To See Red! Again!

Three years after her defeat, Janet Anita and the Devils of Anger and Rage invade the New World in a furious rage to get vengeance against those who stopped her plans for universal domination!

The Angry Celt Warrior returns! Join Damon MacLeod, Widowmaker and Stephen the Game Designer as they set out to save the New World from Janet Anita's diabolical schemes!

Now with full 3D graphics, improved gameplay and a cinematic story experience, Angry Celt Warrior 2: Gods V Devils will surely mesmerize players!

Expected Release: Q1 2024